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Hey Construction Company Owners!
Did You Know That BAD Accounting  
Are Your Single Biggest Expense As A Contruction Business Owner?
And Your Current CPA Or Accountant Could Be Costing You THOUSANDS Every Single Year & Putting Your Business At AUDIT Risk...
Taliesha Jones, EA,LIA
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Taliesha Jones, EA, LIA
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Dear Construction Company Owner,

Today, construction companies in the US spend over $1T every year. Have you ever wondered how much of that is wasted spending?

With multiple projects to manage, clients to please, and crews to oversee, large construction companies have their hands full.

Materials and labor no longer guarantee success. Now, projects are more complex, demand is higher than ever before, and new tech has changed the industry. As a result, a new wave of challenges is here, and they’re here to stay.

To stay profitable, construction leaders are forced to either make changes or lose to the competition. Truth be told, yesterday’s strategies may no longer work.

The first step to taking action is knowing what the problems are. That’s why at 1st King Tax & Insurance, we have found the top 5 profit killers that construction leaders need to know. 

Our goal is to help you maximize your profits and efficiency. As a result, you can stay competitive without missing out on new clients.

Read on to find out what construction leaders and their teams need to know. 

That's why I decided to write my latest book...
5  Major Construction Profit Killers
And Solutions to Avoid Them Today!
Download Your Free Copy Of My Book To See If You're Overpaying Uncle Sam By 5 Or 6 Figures Annually

 Would you agree with me if I said that business has become increasingly tough for independent Contractors Businesses like yours over the past few years?

I'm sure you've felt the pressure...

On top of competition from corporate Contractor chains, you have to deal with massive Inflation in Material Cost that Causing you to lose money daily and ever-increasing confusion and complexities on how to bill third-party payers and keep up with company operations & lean filing.

As someone who's spent the past 6 years working with hundreds of Contruction Businesses across the US, I understand the unique challenges you face while running your business.

And here's the thing...

No matter where you're at in your career, the biggest challenge you face to having financial success and generating lasting wealth from your business is actually TAXES.

That’s because as a Independent Contractor or Construction Business owner, federal and state income taxes are the single biggest expense you have.

And the worst part is that over 90% of Contractors I talk to are overpaying Uncle Sam and their state and local governments.

The truth is, while things like increasing case acceptance, creating a budget, and saving for retirement are key to your financial health...
What's the point if you don't manage your tax liabilities, your single biggest expense?

When done right, tax planning and reduction is the 20% of work that creates 80% of the results.

The problem that I run into all the time is that most Construction Business Owners don't have any idea that they can legally and ethically SLASH their income taxes by as much as 50%!!!

Now Is The Time To Take Control 
Of Your Finances And Your Future!
Download Your Free Copy Of My Book Today...
5 Major Construction Profit Killers 
And Solutions to Avoid Them Today!
I want to make sure you download your free copy of this book because it will show you 5 Profit Killers and ethical Tax & Accounting Solutions that could save you and your Construction Business tens of thousands of dollars in accounting & taxes every single year...

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Talk soon,
Taliesha Jones, EA, LIA
1st King Tax & Insurance LLC
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